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Kevin Patrick Carey's Journal

4th August, 2002. 11:45 pm. Curve Ball

Wow, what a difference a week can make. I have not updated this in awhile because yet again I have bad news, very bad news. My father once again was having trouble eating and was losing even more weight and this time the doc sent him for a barium swallow test the barium could not get into his stomach because it was being blocked by a "growth" in his esophagus. This explains why he can't eat. A biopsy has finally brought us the proper diagnosis and it is not good at all. Esophageal cancer located right between the stomach and the esophagus. Devestating news. The doctor at the hospital explained that it mostly likely resulted from a pre-cancerous condition called Barret's Esophagus from years of acid backwash from heartburn. This condition is increasing among the population. To make matters worse there is some metastasis into the lung and a lymph node. Surgery right now is impossible as the tumour is to big. They are going to do radiation for a month then see if it shrinks any. He had a balloon put down to open up the esophagus so he can eat. He is down to 120 lbs at five feet six inches. The really cruel irony of all this is that he used to LOVE to eat LOL but now has no appetite. I cried in the hospital a couple of times in front of everyone but I don't care. He said "kevin, i don't know what they did to me" (the balloon procedure)"but it hurt real bad"....this has been haunting me...everytime i think of this i start crying. He is stable now and in the hospital and putting weight on so that is some good news for a change. Our relationship has been rocky in the past but that is all water under the bridge now. Thanks in advance for all your support.

Current mood: depressed.

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22nd July, 2002. 6:15 pm. Weekend is over

The weekend went by way to fast, like it always does and the temperature is getting warmer. This should make me happy but it does not. I can't wait for the winter! I don't like the heat. Have to go back to work tongight.

Current mood: calm.

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21st July, 2002. 9:47 pm. Eight Legged Freaks

stupid movie about spiders - $7.50
upsized popcorn so you can pig out - .50
having Holly Brady hold you hand - priceless

I went to see Eight Legged Freaks today with my girlfriend and boy was it a bad movie. The trailor made the movie seem so cool but the full feature was souless, lame and not funny. The CGI was so bad it was laughable as the spiders were moving in a very jerky stop-motion like animation. when spiders attacked people you could almost see the frame shift between the spider composite and the human being. I could see they were trying for some campy B movie humour but that was sadly non-existant as well. The best thing about this abomination was the huge tub of popcorn with barbecue spice (not really allowed to eat this but sometimes you gotta give in) and sitting next to my blond haired, green eyed beauty....

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20th July, 2002. 8:34 am. Everything Is OK

Cool, I just got home from work and now I have two reports of good news this time. First, my father is just fine. He really needed to get that gallbladder out, it was literally killing him. My mother and sister told me he is already eating and not vomiting it all up this time. Second, we are finally getting a decent raise at work. Now I can get the Compaq 1.5GHZ laptop that need (read: want) for school in Sept.

Current mood: content.

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19th July, 2002. 4:45 pm.

my father is currently in the hopsital for complications of gallbladder stones. Our family doctor was apathetic in admitting him to the hospital despite the fact he has lost almost 40 lbs in less than a couple of months. He is on IV antibiotics now and is responding well. I had no idea gallstones could cause such serious complications. Pretty depressing subject for my first entry.

Current mood: depressed.

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